Diode Laser is used to target melanin and permanently reduce hair growth on areas of the face and body for all skin colour and types hair colour. Course of 6-12 sessions may be required for permanent hair growth reduction.

Upper Lip and/or Chin        $25

Other Areas (Facial)             $20

Underarms                            $45

Chest or Back                       $80

Other Areas (Body)              $45

½ Arm                                   $50

Full Arm                                $65

½ Leg                                    $70

Full Leg                                 $85

Bikini                                     $65

Brazilian XXX                        $95

(10% Discount Applies to 6+ Session Treatment Packages) 


Ultrasonic waves are used to provide targeted weight-loss and reduce appearance of cellulite by liquefy fat cells and eliminating them via the body’s lymphatic system


A4 sized area treated per session                                                     $80

(10% Discount Applies to 4+ Session Treatment Packages) 


Inducing cryolipolysis to fat cells to achieve cell necrosis and provide targeted weight-loss with elimination of fat cells via body's natural waste disposal system. Latest technology allows simultaneous treatment of 4 areas at once to decrease treatment time

One Area (One Applicator)                                                            from $299 per session

Under chin, Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen             

Two Areas (Two Applicators)                                                          from $399 per session

Buttocks, Inner/Outer thighs, Arms, Flanks, Bra Line      


Radio frequency energy is used to produce heat and contract collagen to help tighten and firm the skin and produce a lifting and smoothing effect on the face and body


Face Areas     $140                            Body Areas     $160