Lady in the Diamond Dress


Diode Laser is used to target melanin and permanently reduce hair growth on areas of the face and body for all skin colour and types hair colour. Course of 6-12 sessions may be required for permanent hair growth reduction.

Upper Lip and/or Chin        $25

Other Areas (Facial)             $20

Underarms                            $45

Chest or Back                       $80

Other Areas (Body)              $45

½ Arm                                   $50

Full Arm                                $65

½ Leg                                    $70

Full Leg                                 $85

Bikini                                     $65

Brazilian XXX                        $95

(10% Discount Applies to 6+ Session Treatment Packages) 


Ultrasonic waves are used to provide targeted weight-loss and reduce appearance of cellulite by liquefy fat cells and eliminating them via the body’s lymphatic system


A4 sized area treated per session                                                     $80

(10% Discount Applies to 4+ Session Treatment Packages) 


Inducing cryolipolysis to fat cells to achieve cell necrosis and provide targeted weight-loss with elimination of fat cells via body's natural waste disposal system. Latest technology allows simultaneous treatment of 4 areas at once to decrease treatment time

One Area (One Applicator)                                                            from $299 per session

Under chin, Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen             

Two Areas (Two Applicators)                                                          from $399 per session

Buttocks, Inner/Outer thighs, Arms, Flanks, Bra Line      


Radio frequency energy is used to produce heat and contract collagen to help tighten and firm the skin and produce a lifting and smoothing effect on the face and body


Face Areas     $140                            Body Areas     $160